“Analyzing Jio Financial Services Ltd (JFSL) Stock: Exploring Options Amid 5% Lower Circuit Post Muted Listing”

Shares of Jio Financial Services Limited (JFSL) fell 5% off the circuit after the general listing. Buy, sell or hold? Please take 2 minutes to read 08/21/2023, 11: 40:00 IST. According to securities experts, the share price of Jio Financial Services is trading at nearly Rs 180, well above fair value. Following the separation from … Read more

“Google Doodle Honors Altina Schinasi, Designer of Iconic ‘Cat-Eye’ Eyeglass Frame”

On August 4th, Google is celebrating the 116th birth anniversary of the renowned American designer, Altina “Tina” Schinas, who gained popularity for designing the iconic ‘cat-eye’ frames for glasses. Through their doodle, Google is commemorating her life’s journey and achievements. On this very day in 1907, Tina Schinas was born in Manhattan, New York, to … Read more